Every orphan have destiny and ambition like other children

Our ministry is commited to helping orphans in South Sudan, Malawi and India. Every suppor goes to buying food items, clothes and house rent.


South Sudan Orphans

The long conflict in South Sudan have cause many loss of lives and orphans are left behind. JIEM is supporting them with food items and other  materials. Your donation to this project will help us to help more children.

A wise idea to help a young nation emerging from decades in war like South Sudan is to lay a foundation of hope in children who are the future of the nation.

Because I was born in South Sudan, I know how it feels to lack everything and trust your life to the mercy of God. Every child have a destiny and ambition but can be limited by the environment they live in and lack of resources to achieve their goals in life.

God bless you.


Malawi Orphanage

  JIEM Malawi is taking care of orphans under the care of pastor Eleck Peter. Pastor Eleck is a faithful and committed man of God. The children get teachings in the church to God and be better citizens.

God bless you.

 Visit to BIDIBIDI South Sudan refugees camp in Uganda 2018

Blind Children in India

Jesus International supports Blind children in India under the leadership of our representative  John Sung, a devorted and faithful servant of God with a great vision for the salvation of his country India. He have our highest recommendation for any missionary who would like to visit India.

  Food distrobution for Christmas 2020